Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hot Summer, Good Friends and Birthday Week!

Just an update, I haven't posted in a while. That's mostly because we haven't done anything exciting lately. LOL But, I recently got a message from a wonderful visitor who commented that she enjoyed reading about our journey, so I was moved to post an update...I thank her for getting to know us a little!

It's been amazingly hot here in Maryland lately and that makes it a good time to hang out at the pool. I enjoy hanging out there with a good book, visiting with my stay-at-home Mommy friends and watching the kids run around and scream as they have an awesome time in the water.  I've also been getting an education on how to teach your kid to put her/his face under the water.  :)  They all seem to find this a challenge initially but are SO proud of themselves when they accomplish it.  It seems to take a few rounds of tears first, though.

Last month, I was lucky enough to finally meet a very good friend of mine. That might sound strange but my friend lives on the other side of the country and we've become friends online as we both move forward in our adoption journeys.  It was AWESOME to finally meet her and her family. We have gotten to know each other so well that it really felt more like seeing family you haven't visited in a long time - it never felt like "meeting for the first time." And so, John and I felt very blessed to have a chance to spend time with them - and to have such a fantastic family going through this experience at the same time.  I'm lucky to have met some amazingly wonderful women hoping to adopt and feel loved and supported by them everyday.  I hope that I have also, in some small way, helped each of them when they needed a friend.  I hope I can meet them all one day!

What else?  John's birthday was recently and so it was once again "Birthday Week."  This is our annual tradition of celebrating John's birthday for the entire week.  Yes, 7 Days. No, a day just isn't long enough to celebrate the birth of my love. ha ha  This all started as a joke because when we first met,  he told me that his Mother ALWAYS celebrated his birthday for the entire week. Now, his sister disputes that completely but we have kept our little tradition. ;)  I enjoy the week, giving him loads of extra attention and planning things that he loves to do.

So, I leave you with a photo from Birthday Week's crabfeast...I hope that you are having a wonderful summer wherever you may be...