Our Letter to Expectant Parents

We're so glad you're here...

We are John and Susan, hopeful adoptive parents from Maryland. We're so grateful to you for taking the time to read our letter and for giving us the chance to share a little about ourselves as you make such an important decision…

We're so grateful to you for taking a look into our lives and hope as we get to know each other, you'll discover that we can provide all the love and security you dream of for your baby! We're excited about building our family through adoption! We're hoping for an open adoption and we can't wait to get to know you. We recently became a family of three, so we’re ready for the diapers and sleepless nights as well as the smiles and giggles! We adopted a baby girl in July and are thrilled that adoption has made our dreams of becoming parents possible. 

We’re looking forward to providing your child with a happy life filled with love, happiness and security. If there's one thing we'd like you to know, it's that your child will be cherished and loved.

We've been happily married for 11 years...When we began to date, we discovered pretty quickly that we meant a lot to each other. We just knew it was right and we were married about nine months after that first official date! Over the years, we’ve discovered that we still like to do most things together. We love movies, music, ice cream and spending time with friends and family...We laugh alot and like to explore new places together. Even though we have our own interests, we mostly enjoy spending our free time together. We're best friends and soulmates...We're not perfect but we get along really well and when we disagree, we're able to work it out quickly! We love each other very much and want to share our love, our life and all our happiness with a child. 

Love of my life...
About John 

John loves chocolate!  He grew up in Seattle and he's one of three children. He’s really close to both his sister and his brother. We also have a niece who is 9 years old. She loves working on art projects and playing soccer! We keep in touch with John’s family by calling often and visiting them on the West coast. Work brought John to the DC area, where he met Susan. He's an Engineering Manager and very well-liked and respected by all of his coworkers. John has a steady, laid back personality and an amazing, silly sense of humor and always keeps me laughing. He works hard in his career and taking classes but also spends time on hobbies. John loves music, cars and working on projects around our house. Oh, and he loves PIE! :)

Susan's thoughts on John 

John is going to be a great Dad! He's my best friend and such a caring and generous person. He is the kind of man that everyone hopes their daughter will meet: smart, romantic, kind, funny, hardworking and caring. He’s a wonderful husband and does little things each day that remind me how lucky I am to share my life with him. John will make a great father – he is calm and steady.  He'll be there to provide hugs, a hand to hold, good advice and he'll be such a great role model for a boy or girl growing up. John has a goofy, playful side and an ability to make kids laugh with amusement! He's also really creative and patient. John is so eager to be a Dad and to create fond childhood memories with our children. 

About Susan 

Susan grew up in Virginia Beach and she's one of four children. She's close to her family and we email, call and visit them alot too. Susan moved to the DC area after college and works with computers as a manager. She has a really flexible schedule and often works from home. In her spare time, Susan likes ice cream, traveling, reading, ice cream and planting flowers in the garden. LOL She also enjoys dreaming up creative home improvement projects for John! Susan is practical, organized and caring. She's so excited about being a Mom and looking forward to spending lots of time with our child going on walks, playing, reading and discovering new things together each day! 

John's thoughts on Susan 

Susan is my true love. When we first met, I had just moved here from Seattle. Susan and I became close friends over the course of a year. When we started dating it didn’t take long for us to get married. Susan is such a patient and thoughtful person. She worked hard to put herself through school before moving to the DC area. Susan is intelligent, witty, and well spoken. She has an outgoing kind of personality that fills a room with happiness; she’s the one you want to talk to. I am truly happy to be married to her. Susan is a natural with kids and is ready to be a mom. The kids all like her too. The kids in the neighborhood frequently stop by to show Susan the latest bugs they've caught or to find out if frogs really do bite. When a child comes into the room a big smile comes across Susan’s face. Susan is truly excited about raising a child and building a family. She’ll make a wonderful mother. 

Our neighborhood is so lovely. The nursery is peaceful and sunny in the morning.
Our Home and Our Family

We live in Maryland, close to Washington, DC. We have a wonderful home in a family-filled neighborhood, complete with tree lined streets and white picket fences! It's the kind of neighborhood where you see lots of moms walking with babies in strollers all the time - sometimes we walk with them! The nursery has a beautiful view of the backyard and the trees at the end of the street. The sun peeks in during the early morning and it's a peaceful place that's nearly ready for bedtime books, rocking and naps. (not to mention 2am feedings!) We also have plenty of room for playtime and toys! Our neighborhood is filled with lots of kids of all ages. There are plenty of places for kids to run and play – our backyard, ball fields, tot lots, bike paths and a community pool. There are also lots of family events in our neighborhood throughout the year and we can’t wait to share in the fun at the Easter Egg hunt, the Halloween Parade and the Family Barbecues!

The basics are here,  decorating will wait until Baby is here!

We have a Yorkie, Shorty and a very laid back cat, Sydney! The area where we live has excellent schools and is close to everything in DC, musuems and libraries, Maryland state parks, and lots of other recreational areas and activities. We love this area, especially our neighborhood and take lots of long walks with the dog!

Most of the time we enjoy being homebodies - we like spending time together with our friends and family, working on projects around our house, gardening and traveling. We've been lucky enough to travel to many wonderful places here in the US and Europe. We love to go to the beach to relax! We also love to visit new cities and check out places we’ve never been to before. We are really looking forward to enjoying family trips to see our families, visit the beach, and of course, Disney World! 

Our WHOLE FAMILY is waiting to meet you guys!  :)
Our Family 

Many of our trips each year take us to various parts of the country to see our families - especially Virginia Beach, Seattle, NY. We get together during summer vacation, family reunions at the beach, during the Christmas holidays, Thanksgiving, birthdays and other special occasions. We have many fun family traditions and look forward to sharing those too. Adoption has special meaning in our family and we’ve seen first hand what a blessing it can be! Susan has adopted cousins on both sides of her family - each child is a much-loved member of our family and we enjoy visiting them and watching them grow! Both our families are looking forward to including a new member of the family! Everyone is very supportive and so excited about welcoming a new baby into our lives. 

As parents, we will want the very best for our child: love, a hand to hold and lots of smiles, hugs and laughter! We both believe education is important and as our child grows older, we’ll make sure they have all the help they need to learn and grow. We hope to instill in a child the same beliefs our parents gave us: to be thoughtful and kind and respectful of others, to believe that she/he can achieve anything by working hard. Most importantly, we want our children to have the same kind of childhood we did: to play, learn, have fun, know they are loved and to make lots of friends and great memories! 

Our Thoughts on Adoption 

During the years to come, we look forward to talking with our wonderful girl or boy openly about their adoption and honestly answering their questions about how we became a family -- and we really hope we'll have that ongoing conversation with you too. Your child will always know how much you love him or her...We want he or she to know you, the things that are important to you and most importantly that your decision was made out of love. We would love to stay in touch and send pictures and letters and visit over the years. We honestly believe that no child can have too many people in their life to love them! We can't thank you enough for taking the time to read our letter, and we can only imagine how much you must have on your mind right now. You're in our thoughts and prayers as you make your decision...

We are so happy you stopped by and hope that our letter has helped you learn a little more about us,  We would love to hear from you if you're considering adoption and you’d like to talk in person. We can't wait to get to know you and we promise to answer any questions you have with honesty and sincerity.

Whatever you decide, we wish you all the best in your pregnancy and lots of happiness in your life! Hope you'll send us a message soon

With Love, 

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  1. Hi- Just wanted to send you some encouragement. I'm an adoptive mom, but it took us many years for our boy to find us. I stumbled upon your profile and have no doubt you will make wonderful parents! Prayers for your family:) Hang in there!